5 YEARS? Seriously?

There’s a line in a Pink Floyd song that goes something like “And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”

I’m shocked to find it’s been 5 YEARS since I wrote anything in this blog. If you’d asked me to guess, I’d have said two, maybe three at the most. I think it’s probably because I was trying to keep it very strictly for work-related stuff only and really, who wants to write about work when they are not actually AT work. So I have neglected it horribly.

Even though this WordPress site is connected to my (allegedly) business website, I hardly use the website any more and it’s quite possible that it’s not been updated for almost the same frightening amount of time. I hardly dare to look actually, but maybe I will later this weekend!

So perhaps I might try to branch out a tiny bit and post some more general thoughts, musings and rants (which is how I described this blog when writing the description for it all that time ago). I had envisaged spending a lot more time with it when I started it and the fact that I haven’t, actually indicates that I have too much other stuff going on, which when you are self-employed is a good thing!

More to follow in the coming weeks!

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Yesterday in Parliament – DWP continues to spin things their way

The Government has done a lot of talking about Health & Safety in the last few months since the Lofstedt report and their response to it were published.  David Cameron’s New Year resolution is apparently to “kill off the health and safety culture for good” and in a speech earlier this month to small business leaders he referred to the “health and safety monster” and the “albatross around the neck of British business”.  It’s all juicy soundbite stuff but look beneath the rhetoric and spin and it’s perilously short on substance.

Yesterday afternoon in DWP questions in Parliament, the Work and Pensions Minister Chris Grayling was the latest spinner of numbers. Continue reading

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Photo Blog Part 2 – Signs of the Times

Continuing today with the theme I started last week, I’m posting some of the safety sign pictures I have taken around the world while on holiday.  The point of this mini-series is to demonstrate that I can’t help thinking about safety even on holiday.  Interested to hear if others are equally sad!  Click on any picture for a larger version. Continue reading

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Safety. Not Just Another Job

I’ve been thinking recently about putting together an article on whether safety is a state of mind or just another job that some of us do. Personally I lean towards the former viewpoint and today I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken around the world while on holiday just to prove it’s not something you can “switch off”at will! Looking through my holiday snaps I find I have way too many for just one article so this is the first in a series over the next week or so of my “safety photo blogs”. I hope you enjoy them! Continue reading

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To Grit or not to Grit – that is the (Safety) Question

You can tell it’s Winter.  It’s not just the fact that the shops have been full of Christmas stuff for months (and are still now in January full of “buy early for next year” offers) or that my postman has finally stopped wearing shorts every day.  It’s the appearance of the “Do we really have to grit?” posts on the various safety forums that gives it away.

When it comes to making a decision about whether or not to deal with slippery paths and car parks it seems that people’s common sense flies out the window and almost everyone has “heard the story” (presumably from the man down the pub who seems to have replaced the Clapham Omnibus man) that if they do nothing then they won’t get the blame when someone falls over on their uncleared, ungritted car park or pathway. Continue reading

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Lofstedt – The DWP spins it their way

We all know that good headlines sell newspapers.  They don’t necessarily need to be entirely factual, just attention grabbing.  I dare say that everyone in the H&S profession is all too familiar with the usual Daily Mail spin on health and safety that makes us out to be responsible for everything from the Black Death to the demise of conkers in our schools; sort of a cross between the Grinch and Attila the Hun.  However I would have expected better from a Government Department. Continue reading

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For Health and Safety Reasons

Five little words, which hold the dubious distinction of being possibly the easiest way of making me really cross.  How often do you hear them used both in the media and in every day life, usually by people who wouldn’t know H&S if it smacked them between the eyes? (which of course we aren’t allowed to do – for H&S reasons)  Sadly it seems a large percentage of people who read such stories or hear such statements actually believe them and the result is usually a torrent of bile aimed squarely at the H&S profession.  Well I’ve had enough of it so I’m going to be talking about it a lot in the coming weeks.
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Will you get out when the fire alarm sounds?

It’s 2 am and there’s a bell shrilling somewhere down the hall. You wake up suddenly and realise you are in a strange room full of smoke. First you can’t find the light switch, then you can’t find the door. Realistically are you ever actually going to find the way out of the building? Nightmare scenario right? Never going to happen to you of course.

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Blog Titles

The problem with the Internet these days is that it’s been around long enough that all the good ideas and the good names are already gone.  I was an early Internet user – in fact the support person at my ISP was recently rendered speechless by how long I had been a customer – so why didn’t I register all these good ideas ten years ago?
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Into the Unknown

So today I set sail into the mysterious world of creating a website.  Got to admit I expected to get not very far at all and have to get an expert to do it for me.  Well it just goes to show you don’t know till you try!  After a less than impressive experience with a previous hosting company’s support service recently, I changed my hosting company to HostPapa and registered the domain name that is headlining this blog.  Their website has a mass of helpful tutorials and explains things in a way clearly designed for the novice website builder to understand.
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