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The problem with the Internet these days is that it’s been around long enough that all the good ideas and the good names are already gone.  I was an early Internet user – in fact the support person at my ISP was recently rendered speechless by how long I had been a customer – so why didn’t I register all these good ideas ten years ago?

When I signed up for Twitter I couldn’t get @myfirst name or @firstnamesurname either.  In fact the best I could do was to get my name with a strong of meaningless numbers after it so I dropped that idea.  Trying to find a business domain name was a similar nightmare.

It’s no better trying to come up with a snappy title for a blog, but in the end I decided on The Safety Wire.  I suppose most people will look at the content rather than the title but it’s important to me!

So why this title then?  Three different meanings for it really

  • Wire as in a means of communications.  This is a nod to a part-time career I have almost left behind now which did indeed involve the stringing of wires on poles in order to make radios work.  Usually at dead of night on a Friday in the middle of some freezing cold field while the rain lashed down.  Happy days.
  • Safety wire as in the device that stops you falling from a great height.  I once did a week of guest blogging and my first blog was titled something like “onto the safety wire” so this seemed appropriate now I am blogging for myself!
  • Safety wire that keeps you out of a danger area.  The banner picture at the top of this blog was taken at Christmas 2010 looking down onto a snowy railway line near Stroud in Gloucestershire and there was both wire and a stone wall to keep passers by from tumbling onto the railway.

Clearly I intend to use this blog to communicate, so that takes care of point 1.  I hope not to be falling from any great heights or straying into danger, in fact I make a living preventing others from doing either of those things.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.


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