Into the Unknown

So today I set sail into the mysterious world of creating a website.  Got to admit I expected to get not very far at all and have to get an expert to do it for me.  Well it just goes to show you don’t know till you try!  After a less than impressive experience with a previous hosting company’s support service recently, I changed my hosting company to HostPapa and registered the domain name that is headlining this blog.  Their website has a mass of helpful tutorials and explains things in a way clearly designed for the novice website builder to understand.

I was quite shocked to find out how quickly I could get something vaguely resembling a website onto the web for the world to see.  In fact once I got started it became fairly obvious that I hadn’t really though about the site structure properly at all and need to spend some time doing some site structure designing.  And after all those oh-so-wise things I said about SharePoint design to a certain client as well – whoops!

Mind you at least I worked out how to put a decent blog on the site!


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