Photo Blog Part 2 – Signs of the Times

Continuing today with the theme I started last week, I’m posting some of the safety sign pictures I have taken around the world while on holiday.  The point of this mini-series is to demonstrate that I can’t help thinking about safety even on holiday.  Interested to hear if others are equally sad!  Click on any picture for a larger version.

Zambia helicopter safety

Raspberry jam...

I’ll start today with the safety instructions that we had to read before a scenic helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls in Zambia.  The rest of the group were so taken with these that they all egged me on to photograph them.  “Go on, you know you’ll find a use for them at work when you get back home”  They were right.

I was particularly taken by the graphic illustration of what happens if you get your head too close to the moving blades…

It was an amazing flight by the way and I can thoroughly recommend Zambia as a holiday destination!


No Hippos

No hippos thank you

This next one is also from Zambia, spotted on our way to a lion walking experience.  I’m not too sure exactly who it was directed at.  Presumably it’s a hippo warning but can hippos read and if not can they understand the “no hippos” graphic?  Of course it could mean something else altogether.  Opinions welcome!

Hot springs Iceland

simple wooden fence..

To Iceland this time and evidence at a hot springs site that the Icelanders attitude to public safety is to consider people to have a little more common sense than we might ascribe to them in the UK.  This shot was taken standing right next to Deildartunguhver – Iceland’s largest thermal spring.  All that stands between you and the scalding water is a low wooden fence and this simple sign.  How refreshingly trusting.  I’m sure in the UK there would have been a ten foot mesh fence and a sign five times as big covered in superfluous warnings!

Medina Malta

Blindingly obvious?

This next one was taken on the bastions in the old city of Mdina in Malta.  As you can see the views from the site are absolutely spectacular.  It’s glaringly obvious to anyone who walks up there that the drop from the walls is sheer, but this is the EU and so we have these gaudy little signs all the way round the medieval walls just in case.  Shame really.

The last two are here more  for their humour value than for any other reason.  The signs themselves aren’t particularly amusing, but their positioning makes you look twice!

Not so safe for some..

This first one shows a fire exit in the UK.  Nothing funny about it per se, but it shows that the “safe way out” is past some poor guy sat in the stocks, presumably waiting to be stoned or pelted with fruit.  This is taken in the Clink Prison museum in London.  I have some more pictures from here when I come to the fire safety photo blog later on!




Malta no entry

Don't bother trying


The last shot in today’s selection is not really a safety sign, but I couldn’t resist the combination of the sign and the wording.  Malta again, taken at the lower entrance to Fort St Elmo in Valletta old city.  Not much hope for refugees here then!





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