Safety. Not Just Another Job

I’ve been thinking recently about putting together an article on whether safety is a state of mind or just another job that some of us do. Personally I lean towards the former viewpoint and today I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken around the world while on holiday just to prove it’s not something you can “switch off”at will! Looking through my holiday snaps I find I have way too many for just one article so this is the first in a series over the next week or so of my “safety photo blogs”. I hope you enjoy them!

Click on any photo to see a larger version.

Crusader fortress scaffold

This first one was taken in Jordan at one of the amazing crusader fortresses built before the 12th century. I don’t think this scaffold was quite that old but I’m not sure I would have wanted to get on it!

The fortress was undergoing extensive renovations when we visited in 2007 but we didn’t actually see anyone working on this scaffold while we were there.


Valletta Reconstruction


Scaffolding is something I often photograph if I see it in other countries. I think my friends are now sufficiently used to this that they have started to point good photo opportunities out to me as we pass! These next two were taken in the old city of Valletta in Malta where the magnificent city walls are undergoing a major restoration project partly funded by the EU.

The first photo (above) is taken from near onValletta Walls from outsidee of the main gates looking down at a badly damaged bastion, which is being rebuilt. The second (left) is taken from a boat in the harbour looking back up at the formidable defences from outside. The pictures are from a visit in October 2011.


Reykjavik scaffold


Finally for the scaffold photos here’s one taken in Iceland. A construction project in Reykjavik where the scaffolding was made entirely from wood. Quite why it was done like this in a country with so few trees is anyone’s guess!



I’ll end with one that isn’t reWall support in Pompeiially scaffold but I thought it might fit in quite well here. After the disastrous collapse of one of the ancient buildings in Pompeii in 2010, the Italians seem determined to stop it happening again. When I visited earlier this year, evidence of new supports for buildings was everywhere, including this one propping up a two thousand year old wall.

Next time I’ll share some of the safety signs and bizarre notices I have found around the world.

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