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Heather Collins is sometimes not willing to admit that she works in health and safety, espeically not if there’s a Daily Mail reporter around.  This has nothing to do with being embarassed about working in the profession; she’s just worried she might have to punch someone if the words “elf’ n’ safety” get mentioned.

She believes that health and safety is something that saves lives, keeps people healthy at work and ultimately contributes to the overall good of the nation.  She checks hotel fire escape routes and takes photos of scaffolding when on holiday.  Most of her friends think she’s mad.  Some of them are probably right.

In this blog she intends to post some of her thoughts about the way we deal with H&S in the UK.  She’ll try not to rant too much, but if the Daily Snail is having another of its silly season stories, you’ll just have to bear with her…  Don’t worry, she stops after a bit.


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  1. Ray Rapp says:

    Nice website Heather, looks very pleasant and professional. I did toy with the notion of providing my own website but could not be bothered with all the hassle. Your picture of of a railway trespass banner reminds me of a railway platform sign someone sent me – Don’t stand too close to the edge, or you will get sucked off! Never happened to me yet…


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